Camila Mendes and Maya Hawke Are Out for Vengeance in Trailer for High School Dark Comedy 'Do Revenge'

Camila Mendes and Maya Hawke play ostracized high-school students who team up to enact revenge on their tormentors in Do Revenge, on Netflix Sept. 16

Camila Mendes and Maya Hawke team up for Netflix's new exciting revenge thriller in Do Revenge.

On Tuesday, Netflix released the trailer — in which Mendes, 28, and Hawke, 24, play high-school students angered by bullies and a mean boyfriend — for the film by director Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, which it described as "a subverted Hitchcock-ian dark comedy featuring the scariest protagonists of all: teenage girls," in a release.

"Drea (Mendes) is at the peak of her high-school powers as the Alpha it-girl on campus when her entire life goes up in flames after her sex tape gets leaked to the whole school, seemingly by her boyfriend and king of the school, Max (Austin Abrams)," reads an official synopsis for the new movie.

"Eleanor (Hawke) is an awkward new transfer student who is angered to find out that she now has to go to school with her old bully, Carissa (Ava Capri), who started a nasty rumor about her in summer camp when they were 13," the synopsis continues.

"After a clandestine run-in at tennis camp, Drea and Eleanor form an unlikely and secret friendship to get revenge on each other's tormentors," the synopsis concludes.

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DO REVENGE - (L-R) Maya Hawke as Eleanor and Camila Mendes as Drea in Do Revenge.
Do Revenge (2022). Kim Simms/Netflix

The movie's two-and-a-half-minute trailer shows how Drea's life falls apart after "17 years meticulously curating the perfect life" when she sends a lewd video to Max that he then apparently shares with the entire school. One moment shows Drea punch Max in the face; the next, she throws a framed photo of him at a wall.

"Max ruined my life!" Drea says in the trailer. "He'll never get away with this."

"I know what it's like, to get f----- over by someone you thought you could trust," Eleanor tells Drea in the trailer after offering her a ride. Eleanor explains to Drea that another student, Carissa, started a "nasty rumor" that Eleanor "tried to hold her down and kiss her," ostracizing her socially.

"I wish we could hire people to take them down," Eleanor tells Drea, who replies: "We should team up and do each other's revenge ... don't you want to make her pay?"

Later in the trailer, Drea gives Eleanor a high-society makeover and sets her up to publicly reveal that Max is "a fake-woke, misogynist hypocrite."

Camila Mendes as Drea and Maya Hawke as Eleanor in Do Revenge.
Do Revenge (2022). Kim Simms/Netflix

"And then ... we're gonna kill him," Drea tells Eleanor as she puts her hand around Eleanor's head.

"You're not serious," Eleanor says, to which Drea responds, "No, I'm not f---ing serious," allowing Eleanor to sigh in apparent relief.

Though Drea says she's joking about killing Max, Eleanor's voiceover in the trailer identifies teenage girls as "psychopaths" as increasingly intense moments play out. From Drea dropping something into a cooking pot, a character's claim that Drea framed them, police apprehending teenagers in the woods and an apparent car crash, to Drea drawing a smiley face in window condensation, her intentions may not be as lighthearted as they appear.

"Are you in therapy?" Eleanor asks Drea toward the trailer's end.

"God, no, why?" Drea responds.

Do Revenge is co-written by director Robinson, 34, and Celeste Ballard, who co-wrote the screenplay for 2021's Space Jam: A New Legacy. Robinson is credited with writing the screenplay for Marvel Studios' Thor: Love and Thunder based on a story by Taika Waititi, according to IMDB.

Beyond Mendes, Hawke, Abrams and Capri, the new movie also stars Rish Shah, Talia Ryder, Jonathan Daviss, Maia Reficco and Paris Berelc, with Alisha Boe and Sophie Turner.

The film is executive produced by Josh Bachove, who also served as an EP on 2020's Minari, and features music by Este Haim and Amanda Yamate.

Do Revenge is available to stream on Netflix starting Sept. 16.

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