Walt Disney Pictures has also opted to postpone the releases of The New Mutants and Antlers

Walt Disney Pictures has postponed the release of Mulan in response to rapidly growing coronavirus concerns, PEOPLE confirms.

The highly anticipated live-action remake was set to hit theaters on March 27. The studio has not revealed a future release date.

The news comes as the cast of Mulan attended the film’s premiere in the U.K. without a red carpet.

The film’s star Liu Yifei as well as Yoson An and Donnie Yen had planned to pose for photos, but it was decided out of “abundance of caution” to downscale the event, a rep for Disney told the Evening Standard.

“We will however continue to host the premiere screening as contained inside screening event,” the spokesperson told the news outlet.

The cast had previously stepped out together to attend the world premiere on Monday in Los Angeles at the Dolby Theatre.

In addition, Walt Disney Pictures has opted to postpone the releases of The New Mutants and Antlers. At this time, Disney is looking at new launch dates for later this year.

| Credit: Disney Enterprises

Mulan joins the latest James Bond film No Time to Die, which was pushed back from its April release date all the way until November. The movie marks Daniel Craig’s last time playing Bond.

John Krasinski, director of the Quiet Place II, announced the movie’s delay on Twitter Thursday morning.

“To all our A Quiet Place fans, One of the things I’m most proud os it that people have said our movie is one you have to see all together. Well due to the ever-changing circumstances of what’s going on in the world around us, now is clearly not the right time to do that. As insanely excited as we are for all of you to see this movie… I’m gonna wait to release the film til we CAN all see it together! So here’s to our group movie date! See you soon!” Krasinski’s statement said.

Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway has also been pushed back. The film was originally set to start premiering around the world on March 23, with an April 3 release date in the U.S. But with more than 100,000 cases of coronavirus worldwide, Sony Pictures has pushed the movie back to August 7, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The 2020 Tribeca Film Festival will also no longer occur in April.

On Thursday, a day after the COVID-19 coronavirus was declared a global pandemic, the event announced the postponement. No new dates have been announced.

Mulan cast
Cast of Mulan at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles
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Coronavirus fears are growing in the U.S. as the number of cases continue to rise, with at least 1,289 cases and at least 37 deaths as of March 12.

The majority of U.S. cases are in Washington state, California and New York, and all three have declared a state of emergency to redirect funding.

Worldwide, there are now 129,918 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 4,711 deaths.

The first cases of a mysterious respiratory illness — what is now known as COVID-2019, a form of coronavirus — began in Wuhan, China in late December. Since then, the virus has spread worldwide, leading the World Health Organization to declare a public health emergency, the first since the zika epidemic in 2016.

At first, this coronavirus was contained to China, but Wuhan is a major transportation hub with hundreds of flights leaving and landing from the city of 11 million each day. Soon, as people flew from the area to different countries, the coronavirus reached more countries, including the United States.

Maisie Williams
Maisie Williams in The New Mutants
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President Donald Trump has since announced a ban on travel for many people from much of Europe in response to the outbreak.

“To keep new cases from entering our shores, we will be suspending all travel from Europe to the United States for the next 30 days,” Trump said addressing the U.S. from the Oval Office on Wednesday.

The new rule will go into effect Friday at midnight, Trump said.

“These restrictions will be adjusted subject to conditions on the ground. There will be exemptions for Americans who have undergone appropriate screenings,” Trump said.

Keri Russell
Keri Russell in Antlers
| Credit: Twentieth Century Studios

Trump added that the restrictions will not apply to the United Kingdom. The travel restrictions will also not apply to legal permanent residents and immediate family members of U.S. citizens.

In a statement on Thursday, the European Union reportedly slammed Trump’s decision, saying in part: “The European Union disapproves of the fact that the U.S. decision to impose a travel ban was taken unilaterally and without consultation. … the [Trump] administration did not consult with European allies before POTUS’ announcement. And on the U.K.’s being excluded — European officials express responses ranging from curiosity to horror.”