Some are thrilled by a promotional campaign for the breakup comedy – and others slam producer Judd Apatow

By Brian Orloff
Updated April 22, 2008 04:30 PM
Sarah Marshall/Fancast

Forgetting Sarah Marshall may have been No. 2 at the box office last weekend – grossing more than $17 million – But there’s one person who’s not exactly happy about the comedy’s success: The real-life Sarah Marshall.

A Greenfield, Mass. resident – named Sarah Marshall – is fuming over an ad campaign for the Judd Apatow-produced comedy comprising signs proclaiming “My Mother Always Hated You, Sarah Marshall” or “You Do Look Fat In Those Jeans, Sarah Marshall.” (In the breakup comedy, Kristen Bell plays Sarah Marshall, an actress who dumps her boyfriend played by Jason Segel, who spends the rest of the film trying to get over his ex.)

While the character is, of course, not based on the real-life Marshall – the name is just a coincidence – she tells, “I was shocked to see all the billboards and posters that hated against me and people with my name. It’s just so bizarre.” So, Marshall decided to fire back, launching her own brand of signs proclaiming: “YOU SUCK JUDD APATOW.”

Other Sarah Marshalls across the country are equally nonplussed about the promotional signs. Another Marshall – this one a printmaking professor at the University of Alabama – told Fancast, “Apatow’s sense of humor is very raunchy and snarky.” The silver lining? More than 20,000 people have checked out her personal Web site, prompting her to change her initially disappointed attitude. ”

“He basically paid for 20,000 people to look at my art,” she said.

In response, Marshall crafted a message to Apatow which she posted on her Web site. It says: “Thnx 4 the Hits Judd – You Don’t Suck.”