Jennifer Aniston stars in this interactive choose your own adventure commercial from Smartwater

Credit: Jon Kopaloff/Filmmagic

The fate of Jennifer Aniston‘s latest commercial is in your hands!

Thanks to an interactive short film by smartwater, you now have the power to direct the actress through her commercial shoot in the style of those “choose your own adventure” books.

“Bad news: we need a last-minute director for our new commercial starring Jen. Good news: we have you!” the bottled water company explains on Facebook.

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In the clip, the viewer is dropped into a panicked commercial set where producers are frantically trying to replace their director, who is unfortunately stuck in Botswana. That’s when Aniston suggests that you take the reigns.

Your first big decision is choosing between Giselle the makeup artist and Claude the arthouse cat to take over writing duty (needless to say, we went with Claude). Other tough decisions include doves vs. cloud dancers for the background and Mirella the opera singer vs. Ben the piano mover for music.

Once that’s all sorted out, you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor and watch your directorial debut.