Dina Lohan announced her engagement to Jesse Nadler last month

By Claudia Harmata
July 13, 2020 11:42 AM

Dina Lohan is making her wedding a family affair!

A month after the 57-year-old announced she and boyfriend Jesse Nadler got engaged, she's revealing details about her upcoming ceremony.

While speaking with co-host Chanel Omari on a recent episode of their Listen to me, The OG MAMA D! podcast, Dina confirmed her two daughters — Lindsay Lohan, 34, and Aliana Lohan, 26 — would be her maids of honor on her wedding day. She also revealed her sons — Michael Lohan Jr., 32, and Cody Lohan, 24 — will play a big role.

"I am going to go off the grid," Dina said. "Lindsay and Ali are going to be my maid of honors because they’re both angels and both my boys are going to walk me down the aisle together. They've both been there and are such amazing men and so kind to their women. I can't even make it up."

The mother of three also said that "if anyone" was to sing a wedding song for the couple at the event, it would be Aliana.

Aliana Lohan, Lindsay Lohan and Dina Lohan
Robert Kamau/GC Images

Dina first revealed her romance with Nadler last year, making headlines for the uniqueness of their relationship as the couple had never met in person or even FaceTimed despite claiming to know each other for years.

On her new podcast episode, Dina said that the pair have started to FaceTime, and that they do plan to meet in person before the wedding.

"We will meet way before. We aren't freaks or weirdos or like blind date whatever those shows are," she told Omari. "I know him, he knows me. We have no secrets. I love him for him. That's it. That's what it is."

Dina Lohan, Jesse Nadler
Astrid Stawiarz/Getty; Jesse Douglas Nadler/Instagram

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Dina also opened up about their bond, saying that the close friendship they built has made their romantic relationship that much stronger.

"It wasn't anything deeper. We became really great friends. I got to know him and what he thinks in his mind. We were best friends," Dina said, before adding that "sex is going to be even better."

"That's just a given," she said. "You just know when you know."

The couple isn't self-isolating together as Nadler is caring for his mother who is battling cancer, Dina said.

Because of the distance, Nadler proposed to Dina via FaceTime and mailed her the engagement ring, she told Entertainment Tonight last month.

"We've been planning this [engagement] in our minds for a long time," Dina told the outlet. "But, I was surprised by a courier who was at my gate."

"I'm afraid to go to my gate sometimes because I'm alone," she added, explaining that her children were self-isolating separately. "So then Jesse calls me and is like, 'Dina, go, someone is at your gate, I think.'"

"So I went and [the courier] gave me a box and I opened it, and Jesse was on FaceTime and the whole proposal happened," she said.

Dina then gushed about the love she's found with Nadler.

"I've never really felt in-love before, honestly, and this is something God brought to us," she said. "It's bigger than us. Obviously, the way that it happened is not the organic way but it's our way."

Dina’s new relationship comes over a decade after the reality star settled her divorce from ex-husband Michael Lohan.

Michael and Dina got married in 1985 and agreed to a separation in 2005.