No, Christina Ricci Didn't Really Dress Up as Morticia Addams, but the Internet Loved It Anyway

The image appears to be the result of Photoshopping, but it set the internet on fire anyway

Photo: Getty; Everett Collection

On Monday, the internet responded with a resounding “Cara mia!” to an image that appeared to show Christina Ricci dressed up as Morticia Addams from The Addams Family. The catch, however, was that if Ricci saw the image, she would have been as surprised as anyone to see herself dressed up like that.
According to some detective work done by Yahoo! Movies, the image was photoshopped, based on a promotional image of Anjelica Huston in character as Morticia Addams for either 1991’s The Addams Family or the 1993 sequel Addams Family Values. The image seems to have come to the internet’s attention after appearing on this Tumblr. Below, see the original image of Huston as Morticia.
Ricci starred in those movies as well, as Morticia’s daughter, Wednesday. But the Photoshopped image didn’t stop many fans from positing that Ricci, 35, could easily play the Addams family matriarch today.

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Ricci welcomed a son with husband James Heerdegen in August, but in case she’s wanting to line up roles in the future, she should know that the internet seems to support her playing Morticia. At the very least it’s a Halloween costume option for her.

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