Mary Steenburgen Says 'Book Club' '2' Is Happening with Diane Keaton, Jane Fonda and Candice Bergen

Mary Steenburgen also talked about the group's recent dinner party reunion at Diane Keaton's house, "which is a work of art"

Mary Steenburgen is getting the club back together.

The actress revealed a planned sequel to last year’s star-studded Book Club, which featured Steenburgen working with friends Jane Fonda, Diane Keaton and Candice Bergen together for the first time.

“I love them, and I guess we’re doing Book Club 2 because the film was incredibly successful,” Steenburgen, 66, told Andy Cohen on his SiriusXM Radio channel Radio Andy. The film grossed over $91 million worldwide after opening in 2018.

“We’re kind of obsessed with each other because none of us had ever worked together, and there had been these little meetings over the years between all of us, but the stories are so incredible,” Steenburgen said. “And also I love it because I’m the baby of the group, so it’s really nice to like, for once in my life be the youngest.”

Paramount Pictures' Premiere Of "Book Club" - Red Carpet
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She also talked to Cohen about the group’s recent dinner party reunion at Keaton’s house, “which is a work of art.” (Keaton, 73, wrote a book about the house called The House That Pinterest Built in 2017.)

“We invited ourselves over, and Diane was like, ‘Oh no no no, I can’t entertain, I can’t possibly,'” Steenburgen said. “So then Jane said, ‘OK, then we’re bringing the food, it’s going to be a potluck. Although I think Jane and Candice said the word potluck in French, which I can’t even repeat to you because I’m not that sophisticated.”

“So anyway,” she continued, “we’re all supposed to bring something and then finally Diane wrote this email, ‘Dammit, dammit, I can do this! I’m having you all over! Shut up, shut up!'”

Steenburgen, Fonda and Bergen all posted a photo from the dinner afterward on their Instagrams. “Oh my god, I wish we were filming these dinners cause they are so FUNNY,” Steenburgen wrote in her caption. “But some things just have to be a little moment in time. Wise, funny, supportive, dreamy friends.”

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