Dermot Mulroney Says He Feels Like He's in the 'Popular Crowd' After 'Scream VI' Role

During a Tuesday appearance on the Jennifer Hudson Show, the actor reflected on his role in Scream VI, calling making the hit horror film, "really, really awesome"

Dermot Mulroney makes an appearance on “The Jennifer Hudson Show
Photo: Chris Millard/Warner Bros.

Dermot Mulroney has joined the cool kids club.

The actor, during a Tuesday appearance on the Jennifer Hudson Show, said that he feels like he's "in the popular crowd" now that he has checked a Scream franchise film off his career list.

"You know what? I feel like I'm, you know, I'm in the popular crowd this time, where they invited this guy to hang out with them," Mulroney, 59, told host Jennifer Hudson, 41, of working with younger actors like Melissa Barrera, Jenna Ortega "and the rest of this amazing cast."

"See how cool they are," the Young Guns alum said, pointing to some stills of the installment film's "core four" crew that were displayed for the audience. "So I thought that the whole time and we only had one tiny little green room," he described of the limited space on set," and we made this horrifying and hilarious hit movie."

"Amazing experience for me," Mulroney said of the film, which has earned over $89 million at the box office since opening 17 days ago. "Unlike any other movie I've ever done. I've just never been in a franchise or a sequel or anything, so it's kind of like they already have their audience, they've already solved all their problems, now they're just pumping out really hilarious scary movies. So to be invited at this stage, it's just really, really awesome. It was nice of them after it was successful."

Dermot Mulroney makes an appearance on “The Jennifer Hudson Show
Chris Millard/Warner Bros.

The new sequel in the franchise is co-directed again by Scream (2022)'s Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, and also stars Mason Gooding, Jasmin Savoy Brown, Courteney Cox and Hayden Panettiere. Scream VI sees the survivors of the last film's Ghostface murders move to New York City for college — only for a new masked killer to emerge over Halloween.

In an interview with PEOPLE earlier this month, Mulroney talked about another time when he felt pretty cool, sharing what particularly cool actor he gets mistaken for the most.

"Sometimes it's Robert Downey Jr. Especially if I have a goatee and I'm wearing a beanie — that's when people think I look like Tony Stark," the father of three told PEOPLE.

He also said that he's been making country music with his brother. "We rent out a little studio for $30 an hour and rehearse once or twice a week. We haven't really arrived at a name yet, so stay tuned," he teased.

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Full of new experiences, the actor revealed on The Jennifer Hudson Show that he just joined Instagram. When Hudson prompted him how the experience has been so far, Mulroney — who posted his first personal photo with his dog — admitted he's still figuring it out.

"You know what, can I be honest about Instagram? It's very potent and it goes right into your brain and then you like want to be involved in something and it's not even really real, so I detected that right away," he laughed of his "Scream detective" style assessment, adding "I'm not sure I like that feeling."

Mulroney went on to say the studio guided on him on how to "post something personal so they don't think it's the studio pumping out the ads," he said of his new social media status — which is now selfie-official after Hudson snapped one of them together for his page.

Despite being on the fence with IG, overall he's enjoying the process of being in a franchise film. "I had such a good time making this movie," Mulroney said at the top of the show of making the slasher flick. "I know it's about, you know, murderous mayhem, but it was a wonderful experience. It was really incredible."

The Jennifer Hudson Show airs weekdays in syndication (check local listings).

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