Dermot Mulroney Can't Stay Away from Julia Roberts' Trailer as Costars Reunite for 'Homecoming'

Julia Roberts and Dermot Mulroney are together again for their latest project, Homecoming — and Mulroney just can't stay away from his longtime pal

Julia Roberts and Dermot Mulroney are together again for their latest project, Homecoming — and Mulroney just can’t stay away from his longtime pal!

The actor, 54, opened up to PEOPLE at the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival about his longstanding friendship with Roberts, 50, since the two co-starred in 1997’s My Best Friend’s Wedding.

“After this many years, I don’t make the habit of hanging out in other people’s trailers, other people’s dressing rooms, with one exception,” Mulroney said, turning to face Roberts as she smiled at him.

The two star together in Bad Robot Sam Esmail’s psychological thriller series Homecoming in which Roberts plays Heidi Bergman, a caseworker at a secret government facility, while Mulroney plays Anthony, her boyfriend.

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“We’ve both been at it for a while and have had the great fortune of working together now — it’s our third time,” he continued, referencing their work together in 2013’s August: Osage County.

Of reuniting with Roberts again Mulroney said it was “a privilege.”

“I do find myself drawn to just hang out with my actor in the scene who also happens to be my buddy,” he explained.

His Homecoming costar, Stephan James, added, “It’s a nice dressing room, too!”

“Yeah, yeah! It’s got that coffee maker,” Mulroney said.

Roberts also had kind words to share, saying it was Email’s idea to have the two act opposite each other.

“I had no influence, I did not say, ‘Hire my friend.’ I had nothing to do with this and Sam is so proud that he has us together,” Roberts said.

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Not buying it, Mulroney cut in, “She’s a very believable actress, too, so I don’t believe you!”

“Sam insists but I don’t believe him either,” he added. “It’s good fortune!”

Mulroney told PEOPLE in 2016 he wasn’t intimidated by Roberts when he first met her during an audition for My Best Friend’s Wedding.

“To be honest with you, I d never seen her in a movie previous to that either,” Mulroney said. “But we all knew she was a star when we laid eyes on her when she was a teenager in her first movies, Mystic Pizza, Pretty Woman. I never saw those movies until after I worked with her years later.”

Their off-screen relationship has remained strong even decades later.

“I’ve had a great friendship with her and would push these guys out of the way to say something nice about her,” Mulroney said.

Homecoming arrives on Amazon Prime Nov. 2.

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