Dermot Mulroney is ready for a sequel to the popular '90s rom-com starring friend Julia Roberts

Dermot Mulroney is “ready” for a My Best Friend’s Wedding sequel with costar and friend Julia Roberts.

While appearing on Thursday’s The Talk, the 55-year-old actor dished about the possibility of returning to his character, Michael O’Neal.

“Seeing you and Julia back together again, everybody is hoping this is going to lead to a sequel to …,” co-host Sharon Osbourne asked while trailing off to let Mulroney finish her sentence.

“I know, I know, My Best Friend’s Wedding,” he said to cheers from the audience. “They want to see that happen.”

Mulroney and Roberts, 51, currently star together in Amazon’s new show Homecoming, in which Roberts plays Heidi Bergman — a caseworker at a secret government facility — while Mulroney plays Anthony, her boyfriend.

While the two have appeared in adorable selfies together and have posed for photographs on red carpets in recent months, Mulroney said he wouldn’t be opposed to revisiting their onscreen characters.

“Well, the question is much chronicled,” he explained, referring to the number of times the subject has been brought up. “You’ll notice that the answers are hard to come by.”

Dermot Mulroney and Julia Roberts
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“I’m certainly not in the decision-making process,” he added. “I’ve been clear from the beginning, I’ve been clear from 1997 that I’m ready for a sequel. So, I’m on record!”

The Wedding Date actor told PEOPLE in September that it was “a privilege” to work with Roberts again.

“I do find myself drawn to just hang out with my actor in the scene who also happens to be my buddy,” he explained.

Roberts also had kind words to share, saying it was Homecoming showrunner Sam Esmail’s idea to have the two actors work together.

Roberts and Mulroney in My Best Friend’s Wedding
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“I had no influence. I did not say, ‘Hire my friend.’ I had nothing to do with this and Sam is so proud that he has us together,” Roberts said.

Not buying it, Mulroney cut in, “She’s a very believable actress, too, so I don’t believe you!”

“Sam insists, but I don’t believe him either,” he added. “It’s good fortune!”

Homecoming arrives on Amazon Prime Nov. 2.