Denzel Washington also opens up about his kids working in Hollywood


Denzel Washington has a major anniversary coming up. But the Training Day star might not be ready for it just yet.

The actor, 62, will celebrate 35 years of marriage to wife Pauletta next June — so PEOPLE asked the Oscar winner how early he starts planning on the celebration or gift.

“Don’t put no pressure on me now, don’t put no pressure on me!” Washington joked. “Go on, interview is over! Gotta go!”

To his credit, the Roman J. Israel, Esq. star has several months to plan accordingly, one which will likely involve their four children (John, 33, Katia, 29, and twins Olivia and Malcolm, 26), who also work in the entertainment industry.

“Malcolm, my youngest son, is a filmmaker himself, he’s an AFI graduate,” Washington said proudly. In fact, Malcolm played a key role during the editing process of his new drama, Roman J. Israel, Esq. “He got in there in the editing process with us. In the trailer, he picked the song, it’s a Kendrick Lamar song, [‘i’].”

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In preparation for his role in the film, in which Washington plays a brilliant, eccentric lawyer on the autism spectrum, the actor did a lot of research about Asperger’s syndrome and found inspiration for the character’s unique ‘do in his own archives.

“I felt like he was stuck somewhere in ’70, I picked ’77 and I looked at my own pictures,” he recalled. “And I Googled ‘black men in 1977.'”

How long did it take to grow?

“If you go back and look around Oscar time [last year], I kept trying to pack the hair down to hide it,” says Washington. “But it probably [took] six, seven months. I should’ve kept it!”

Roman J. Israel, Esq. is now in theaters.