The comedy site finally resolved the mystery behind Quaid's outburst

All right, Jimmy Kimmel – you’re officially off the hook.

The mystery behind Dennis Quaid’s video freakout that has swept the Internet has finally been solved, and Funny or Die is to blame.

In the wake endless Internet speculation that the clip of the actor’s angry explosion was part of a Jimmy Kimmel Live! sketch, the comedy site posted the full-length version of the video Wednesday to its official website, proving that Kimmel is not the culprit and Quaid, 61, is not just some diva actor.

The 4-minute spoof begins with actual news footage of media outlets covering Quaid’s meltdown, including a spot of talk show host Kimmel addressing the finger-pointing he received after the clip went viral.

The sketch then interrupts with a message: “Here’s what really happened.”

Quaid attempts to get through a dramatic scene while filming, when endless distractions keep him from successfully delivering his lines. He then goes on a yelling tirade out of frustration aimed at his director, crew members and a guy wearing a full-body penis costume (the unseen Dopey the Dick from the original clip).

And it turns out all of the R-rated expletives heard in the cell phone footage were quite literal. (See it below, but consider yourself warned: the language is very NSFW.) Dennis Quaid’s On-Set Freak Out: The Full Video from Funny Or Die

“Garbage!” Quaid shouts as he points to a piled-high wastebasket. He then yells, “Blow me,” merely ordering his hairstylist to fix his lifeless locks, the full version reveals.

“This is a really crazy set,” Quaid tells the stylist.

She asks, “Yeah, you ever shot a Funny or Die video before?” to which Quaid responds, “No.”

“Dennis Quaid’s career was in no way affected by his on-screen freakout,” the parody says.

Oh, and Funny or Die assures us that Dopey the Dick never worked in Hollywood again.

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