Demi Moore Hopes Steamy New Podcast Helps Men Have 'More Awareness of What Pleases a Woman'

The actress explores sexuality from a female lens in the Dirty Diana podcast

Demi Moore. Photo: George Pimentel/Getty

Listen up, men: Demi Moore wants you to take notes while tuning into her steamy new podcast.

On her scripted erotic podcast Dirty Diana, the actress, 57, dabbles in the world of female erotica as a couple rekindles their relationship. With the new project, Moore told Variety that she hopes the takeaway for fans is to be more exploratory and open in regard to their sex life — and veer away from their comfort zones.

And when it comes to men, Moore wants them to walk away with a better understanding of what women want. The actress said her goal is for male listeners to "feel more comfortable by having more awareness of what pleases a woman, what they’re interested in."

"Because it’s equally difficult for men to know how to engage if they’re in the dark," said Moore. "I’ve always said men figure it out for themselves, and they know how they work, but what helps them to know how a woman works? I mean, we don’t know. We need a little help learning how to finesse that as well."

Moore also detailed how the sexy new role had a personal impact on her, bringing realizations about her own hangups surrounding sexuality.

"I think one of the great opportunities doing what we do is being able to use things to help push you beyond where you are resting," said Moore. "In this case, I realize there’s a part for me that my sexuality has felt like it’s a dangerous, and that I should just keep it under wraps, that I should keep it shut down, and it’s better to just not negotiate or take it off the table."

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She added, "This has been an incredible opportunity of opening into areas that I’m not comfortable with, and that unto itself is already a gift."

Dirty Diana, a six-episode series, is created by director/writer Shana Feste and portrays sex and longing from a female gaze, with female pleasure at its center. Moore explained that she wants to shatter stigmas around female sexuality and rewrite the narrative about objectifying women.

"The conditioning can’t change until we change the narrative. It’s something that we really need to do," she told Variety. "If we as women want to change the experience of being objectified, then we need to bring in another perspective."

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"I wanted to create a show about a marriage that felt genuine and compelling and so erotic it made you want to have sex with your partner after listening to it," Feste said in a press release. "Dirty Diana gave me the opportunity to work with some incredible actors, including the amazing and sexy Demi Moore, who brought my characters alive and gave them a sensuality and sexuality that was palpable. I'm hoping listeners get a fresh perspective of sex as seen through an all-female lens.”

The podcast also stars Betsy Brandt, Mackenzie Davis, Carmen Ejogo, Max Greenfield, Dayo Okeniyi, Penelope Ann Miller, John Tenney, Rhys Wakefield, Lesley Ann Warren and Dolly Wells, and features cameos from Gwendoline Christie, Chris Diamontopolus, Lena Dunham, Melanie Griffith, Ava Grey, Andrea Riseborough, Rosa Salazar, Lili Taylor and Lesley Ann Warren.

Dirty Diana, a QCODE podcast, is available on Apple Podcasts and most major podcast platforms, with new episodes debuting on Mondays.

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