Demi Moore Celebrates 'Magnificent' Daughter Rumer Willis' 32nd Birthday with Throwback Photos

Demi Moore's two daughters, Scout and Tallulah Willis, also celebrated Rumer's special day

Demi Moore
Photo: Demi Moore/Instagram

Happy Birthday, Rumer Willis!

On Sunday, Demi Moore celebrated her oldest daughter's 32nd birthday with adorable throwback photos and a sweet note on Instagram.

"Words can not do justice to the love, gratitude and joy I have for you. You are a magnificent woman but you will always be my baby," Moore, 57, wrote. "You changed my life and gave it meaning beyond anything I had ever known. Happy Birthday, Rumer Glenn! I love you forever and a day ❤️."

The actress shares Rumer, along with daughters Scout and Tallulah, with ex-husband Bruce Willis.

"@rumerwillis always my baby," Moore also captioned a black-and-white baby photo of Rumer on her Instagram Story.

Rumer's sisters, who were in Idaho with the birthday girl over the weekend, also made sure to give their sibling a sweet shout-out on social media.

"We love our Rue," Tallulah, 26, shared alongside a photo of the trio wearing matching yellow dresses.

Scout, 29, shared the same photo with a longer note, raving about her big sister and the impact she's had on her life.

"Rumer is my best friend. I have the privilege of sitting next to her outside right now so let me just narrate what I am seeing: She is in the deep splendor of her 32 year, radiating the ultimate glow that comes from being a genuinely good person and being committed to always growing and learning about herself in service to emanating ever more compassion, love and grace," she wrote. "She is fully swathed in gauzy cotton with long Gorgina hair, a crown atop her head that reads 'it’s my birthday' enjoying her special day as only a Leo can!"

"I’m so lucky, Rumer is my best friend, so lucky that she is my big sister, so lucky that she has always looked out for me and taught me how to walk through the world," Scout added. "Her being my big sister means that I’ve never had a minute of my life without her, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I just LOVE you so much @rumerwillis, so now I am gonna log off and tell you all of that in person."

Rumer then shared her own post celebrating her birthday, giving fans a glimpse into how she spent her day and telling them how "excited" she was for her "own personal New Years."

"32 years ago I entered this world and I can say today has been one of the most special celebrations of my birth I have ever had," she began her post. "I feel more like myself than I ever had, feel more love for myself than I have ever had and so much gratitude for this beautiful place I get to spend this day and the magical and wonderful people I am sharing it with."

The House Bunny star continued, revealing that Scout had made "a palace of my usual morning reading nook" and that she "forced everyone to do laughter yoga" before having "a delicious brunch with all my favorite foods."

"I dressed the boys up in my favorite @shopdoen dresses and we played croquet, [Tallulah] had everyone share their hopes and intentions for me this next year, we are frolicking in the river like the water babies we have always been and listening to great music basking in the sun," Rumer added.

"I am so excited for this year, my own personal New Years. This year I set the intention to let go of anything and everything that no longer serves me and trust that the universe is setting me up to have the life I have always dreamed of....I’m bringing chickens, " she concluded. "For those of you who I don’t get to share my day with, I am endlessly grateful for your love and support. The way you all love me helps me love myself. I am so grateful for you."

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