Beckham said the secret to their 18-year marriage is making his relationship with Victoria a secret and working together through any hard times
Credit: Anthony Harvey/Getty

They do — again!

Nearly 18 years after tying the knot, David and Victoria Beckham have renewed their vows. In an interview with BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs for a special 75th-anniversary edition, the soccer star opened up about the special ceremony, while also admitting that “marriage is difficult at times” as he and his wife continue to work hard at their relationship.

“We have renewed our vows since [our first wedding],” said Beckham, who didn’t elaborate on when the ceremony took place. “It was a lot more private, about six people there in our house.”

Their vow renewal was much more intimate than their lavish 1999 wedding, in which they wore matching ensembles.

“I even had a top hat in purple,” he joked. “What was I thinking? I looked like the guys out of Dumb and Dumber.”

Beckham, 41, said the secret to their 18-year marriage is making his relationship with Victoria a priority and working together through any hard times.

“We’re a strong family unit. We’ve got strong parents. We were brought up with the right values,” he said. “Of course you make mistakes over the years, and we all know marriage is difficult at times. It’s about working through it.”

“We know each other better than anybody. People have talked about, ‘Do we stay together because it’s a brand?’ Of course not. We stay together because we love each other, because we have four amazing children,” he continued. “Do you go through tough times? Of course. That’s part of relationships. It’s part of marriages. It’s part of having children. It’s part of having responsibilities.”

Beckham also recalled meeting Victoria for the first time, admitting that she was his favorite Spice Girl.

“She was never into football. Everyone at the time had their favorite Spice Girl. I remember seeing Victoria on the telly, and she was dressed in this black cat suit, which is one of the reasons why she became my favorite Spice Girl.”

He said he first thought Victoria might be interested in him when she became a regular at his soccer games.

“I’d seen her the week before, and I must have caught her eye because then the week after she came to another game,” he continued. “She was obviously there for a reason and I was hoping I was that reason, and apparently I was.”

And even after nearly two decades together, Beckham said they continue to grow stronger and closer as a couple.

“Back when we were 22, 23 years old, the only responsibility that we had was to ourselves and to our jobs at the time,” he said. “We’re very respectful of our life and when we do go through tough times. We work through them as a family, as a unit.”