While interviewing Anne Hathaway, the TV host may have let slip a big secret
Credit: John Paul Filo/CBS (2)

David Letterman had better not set foot in Gotham City.

SPOILER ALERT: READ NO FURTHER if you plan to see The Dark Knight Rises, the final installment of director Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy – or if you have friends or family who intend to see The Dark Knight Rises, or if you do not want so much as a hint about the end of The Dark Knight Rises!

Okay, now that nobody is left reading …

During an interview with Anne Hathaway, who slipped into the Catwoman suit for the film, on the Late Show Thursday, Letterman revealed a vital plot point – which may or may not actually be true – by saying that Batman dies in the end of the film.

“Dave!” uttered a surprised-looking Hathaway after she took a breathless pause. “I just want you to know the wrath that you have just invited onto yourself. Chris [Nolan], I had no part in it, I’m sorry.”

The blogosphere reacted with outrage. Beyond the usual “Letterman sucks” (from a JennaT), the Mad Hatter 1 wrote: “Dave has ‘OLD TIMERS’ disease. It happens to everyone.”

Taking the bull by the horns, Peter Sciretta of Slashfilm posted: “I’m not watching it but apparently people are telling me David Letterman SPOILED the ending of The Dark Knight Rises.” Later, Sciretta added: “1. no idea what he said. 2. he probably screened the film before his interview with Hathaway 3. i have no idea how it ends so can’t verify.”

Whether any of this will ultimately affect the movie still remains to be seen. But even so, noted the Hollywood Reporter, “With The Dark Knight Rises tracking north of $160 million for its opening weekend, there’s little chance Letterman’s statements could hurt its box office.” ‘Late Show’: Letterman Spoils End Of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’