David Hasselhoff has filed court docs claiming he has less than $4,000 in liquid assets

By Michael Miller
May 20, 2016 08:00 PM
M. Caulfield/WireImage

David Hasselhoff made millions starring in some of the most successful shows in television history, but now the actor says he has less than $4,000 in liquid assets to his name and is struggling to “stay relevant”.

The former star of hits like Baywatch and Knight Rider is caught in a spousal support battle with his ex-wife, Pamela Bach. Hasselhoff has petitioned the court to lower his monthly payments, claiming that the $252,000 a year he pays her far exceeds his financial means.

“I currently have less than $4,000 in liquid assets and have recently had to withdraw additional funds from my retirement plan in order to pay for my living expenses,” the actor explains in legal docs obtained by PEOPLE.

Hasselhoff claims his income “decreased substantially” after Baywatch went off the air in 2001. He also states that while he has been able find work post-Baywatch, his “future employability is uncertain.”

For instance, Hasselhoff points to his short lived stint on America’s Got Talent, on which he served as a judge for only a few seasons. He also notes that his European tour was “cut short due to poor ticket sales.” And as for his new show, Hoff the Record, the actor writes that he is “uncertain whether this project will generate much income.”

With his volatile employment status, Hasselhoff claims he is “constantly having to seek out work and new business opportunities in order to stay relevant.”

Hasselhoff does admit to earning $112,000 a month, but says he spends $66,000. And after paying Bach $21,000 a month in spousal support – in addition to living expenses and taxes – his income is negligible. While his total assets number around $1.79 million in real estate, retirement funds and other possessions, Hasselhoff is left with very little cash flow, according to the legal docs.

Bach apparently sees things differently. In the docs, Hasselhoff claims his ex-wife values his estate at over $150 million, and believes he owns real estate property all over the world, including England and Bali. He strongly denies owning those properties.