A member of the public photographed David Beckham on his phone while driving in November 2018

By Helen Murphy
May 09, 2019 11:55 AM

David Beckham has received a six-month ban from driving after he was caught using his cell phone behind the wheel last year.

The BBC reported on Thursday that the 44-year-old former soccer star appeared at the Bromley Magistrates’ Court outside of London, where he received six points on his license. The points were added to the six points already on his license for previous speeding offenses, which resulted in the driving ban.

Beckham, who had previously pled guilty to using his cell phone while driving, was fined £750, as well as £175 in costs and fees, along with the ban.

According to CNN, Beckham was photographed by a member of the public driving through traffic while looking at his phone last fall, on November 21.

David Beckham leaving court on May 9
David Beckham

“Instead of looking straight forward, paying attention to the road he appeared to be looking at his lap,” prosecutor Matthew Spratt said, according to the BBC. Prosecutors also said Beckham had been “operating a handheld device at knee level.”

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Beckham’s lawyer said that the soccer player had “no recollection of the day in question or this particular incident”.

“There is no excuse for what took place but his view is as he cannot remember,” he added, according to the BBC.