Dave Chappelle Hand Delivers Tickets to His Comedy Show After Learning Couple Was Scammed

The comedian made a couple's day after they had been scammed out of hundreds of dollars for tickets to his show

Dave Chappelle made sure his fans had a good Valentine’s Day.

The 45-year-old comedian took it upon himself to give four fans tickets to his show in Charlotte on Valentine’s Day after they had been scammed out of hundreds of dollars. Chappelle surprised Deidra Dickens and her husband Eddie with the tickets at a hotel in the city.

Dickens resorted to Craigslist for the tickets after she missed the window to buy them through an official site. She told WBTV that she was happy to find seats at the end of the row, since her husband needs a wheelchair. Dickens said her husband is a big fan of Chappelle’s and she was hoping to make the outing a Valentine’s Day treat.


“They were seats one through four, so those would be great, because I could put my husband in seat one at the end of an aisle and that kind of good stuff,” Dickens said, adding that another couple would be going with them. “The person said they could provide proof of purchase, so I was like, ‘great.’ ”

But when Dickens transferred $500 through Apple Pay to the seller, they immediately stopped communicating with her. That’s where Chappelle stepped in.

“Always get your tickets from reliable sources,” the comedian joked as he handed them the tickets.

“Holy moly,” Deidra Dickens told WBTV. “Dave Chappelle handing us tickets to the show. I cannot even describe how I’m feeling right now.”

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