Dany Garcia Reveals the Secret to Finding Success as a Businesswoman: 'Never Put Down Your Plan A'

Dany Garcia tells People (the TV Show!) that she and her business partner and ex-husband Dwayne Johnson share a "vision to dream for something that's so much bigger"

Dany Garcia is spilling her secrets to success.

The global businesswoman, 52 — who has co-founded and sits at the helm of several companies, works as a producer, and recently launched her own fashion company — spoke to People (the TV Show!) Special Contributor Gretchen Carlson about how she gets it all done.

Garcia, who made history last year as the first female owner of a sports league after acquiring the XFL with her ex-husband, Dwayne Johnson (which returns in 2023), said she stays motivated by always chasing her goals.

"I think it's never putting down the ultimate dream. I had this understanding that wealth can change things," she said, pointing to her experience cleaning a barn of eight horses when she was 12 years old so she could keep a horse of her own.

Years later, Garcia attended the University of Miami, where she majored in international marketing and finance and met Johnson. The two eventually married before splitting in 2008, but have remained close and frequently collaborate on projects.

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"He absolutely matches my drive and appetite to reach globally. I've never had another partner who easily can think as big and say, 'Absolutely. Let's do it,' " Garcia said of her ex. "The other thing is, we knew each other since we were 18 ... We were together and he made nothing, so we grew up together with these dreams."

The bodybuilder added that the "basis" of their relationship is friendship, plus a "vision to dream for something that's so much bigger" and a "want to impact the world."

While they make excellent business partners, Garcia admitted she and Johnson face challenges every now and then, but she stays focused by keeping herself "in the present." It also helps that she and her ex are "so fortunate" to have the support of their current spouses, she added.

Garcia married Dave Rienzi in 2014, while Johnson tied the knot with Lauren Hashian in 2019.

"His amazing wife, my fantastic husband are so supportive of our relationship and our union that there's real balance. There's real balance to keep us in the present," Garcia explained. "And then, it was so many years ago, we're such different people. So it's a good thing."

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While she often teams up with Johnson, Garcia's latest project is all her. The mogul created a fashion line, titled GSTQ — after God Save the Queen — which she describes as "a polish-to-perform line" featuring "modern silhouettes, fabrics and textures that speak to athleticism, but athleticism of the mind, because I think all women are athletes of the world."

As for what advice she has for other aspiring businesswomen, Garcia urges them to "Never put down your plan A."

She added, "The second thing I would say is double down on who you are, because in today's world and society, the processes that have been in the past may not serve you at all going forward. Be in a position where your face is in the wind, because there's no one in front of you."

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