Danny DeVito Says He Saved Michael Douglas' Life by Sucking Snake Poison Out of His Hand

Danny DeVito revealed he saved Michael Douglas' life after he was bitten by a snake while filming Romancing the Stone

Danny DeVito is opening up about the time he saved Michael Douglas‘ life.

The Smallfoot actor, 73, revealed the two were filming their 1984 movie Romancing the Stone when Douglas, 73, was bitten by a snake on the set.

“We were in Mexico in this really rugged kind of place,” DeVito says during an interview on The Talk Thursday while promoting his new film Smallfoot. “There was this guy who had a truck with a cage on it and inside the pickup truck, in the bed of the truck, were snakes.”

He continued, “All the kids were around. I’m scared of snakes, myself, so I’m not going near a snake.”

Douglas, 73, wasn’t afraid, as DeVito recalled.

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“But Michael, he’s being the hot shot, Mikey D.,” he said. “And the guys got a snake on his arm and all the kids are coming around. And Michael grabs the snake. I’m going, ‘Michael, don’t touch the snake! That’s a snake, man. That snake could bite you, man.'”

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The Fatal Attraction actor didn’t heed DeVito’s warnings, telling him “Oh no, no Danny, it’s no big deal.”

“Then the snake bites him on the hand,” DeVito said. “And I always heard the best thing to do is suck the poison out, right away, so I did. I grabbed his hand and I’m spitting all over the place, and I say, ‘Boy, it’s a good thing this didn’t bit you on the balls man — you would be a dead man.'”

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Romancing the Stone was the first film the two actors costarred on. They continued to work together in 1985’s The Jewel of the Nile, 1989’s The War of the Roses and 2009’s Solitary Man.

Their friendship goes back decades with DeVito saying the two shared an apartment in New York City during the 1960s.

During an interview on The Jonathan Ross Show in 2015, DeVito described his longtime friend as “very unassuming, very sweet.”

Douglas has recently been spending most of his time with his first grandchild, Lua — his son Cameron Douglas’ daughter.

Smallfoot is in theaters Sept. 28.

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