Daniel Radcliffe Says He and Girlfriend Erin Darke Are 'Really Happy' After Nearly 10 Years Together

The Lost City star says he and his longtime girlfriend are going strong and hope to one day write a project together

Daniel Radcliffe and girlfriend Erin Darke are about to hit the 10-year mark.

The two actors first met while filming the 2013 drama Kill Your Darlings and have been together ever since. Speaking to PEOPLE about where he is in life right now, Radcliffe, 32, says he's in a great place, personally and professionally.

"I've got a really nice life. I've been with my girlfriend for a decade pretty much. We're really happy," he says. "I just got to make the Weird Al movie, which is honestly one of the most pleasurable, exciting experiences in my career. I'm doing the last season of Miracle Workers this year and then another Broadway show. So it's a good year, man. I'm really happy with how it's all going so far."

The couple recently worked together in a 2021 episode of Radcliffe's TBS comedy series, which the actor says they hope to keep doing, but sparingly.

"We definitely like [working together], but it's not something we want to do all the time," he says. "We obviously met on film and so getting to do stuff on Miracle Workers with her last year was incredibly special and felt lovely. Hopefully we'll get to do more in the future, but we also both write, so maybe we'd write something together at some point, and that would be cool."

Erin Darke and Daniel Radcliffe
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Radcliffe, who has been busy promoting The Lost City, says the new adventure comedy has a big fan in Darke.

"I think this film might be one of her favorites that I've ever done, because she is a gigantic Sandra Bullock fan," he says. "When I told her a script's come in, before I'd read it, and I was like, 'Channing Tatum and Sandra Bullock [are in it],' she was like, 'You have to do this!' I mean, there was no debate about it. I also wanted to."

In the film, Radcliffe plays an impeccably dressed billionaire treasure hunter who kidnaps Bullock's character because he believes she can help him find lost treasure.

"It's incredibly fun to play a villain that's like, his motivations are very endearingly human," says the star. "He just wants to impress his dad so much, and be liked in a very sort of desperate way. There was something really funny to me about a guy who kidnapped somebody, and then is convinced that they are going to like it. That they're going to come round to his point of view and see that this is actually a really cool situation. So that was incredibly fun to play."

Radcliffe only has one minor complaint about making the movie: he and Brad Pitt, who has a memorable cameo, had no screen time together.

"I had no scenes with him. And every woman in my life is furious that I didn't meet him," the actor says with a laugh. "They were all just like, 'Why didn't you just go on set?' And I said, 'I'm not going to go on set and be like, "Hey, Mr. Pitt, I'm Dan. Nice to meet you."' So I didn't. I didn't meet him. But I can still say: 'I'm in a film with Sandra Bullock and Brad Pitt and Channing Tatum.' You sometimes step outside of your body and go, 'That is cool, man.'"

The Lost City opens in theaters March 25.

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