Daniel Craig Could Earn More Than $100 Million from the Netflix 'Knives Out' Sequels: Report

The actor's latest franchise could score him a windfall

Daniel Craig's turn as James Bond may be ending, but the actor has a brand new franchise lined up that could score him a massive payday.

The 53-year-old actor could potentially earn more than $100 million to reprise his role as Detective. Benoit Blanc in Rian Johnson's upcoming two Knives Out sequels for Netflix, according to sources who spoke with The Hollywood Reporter.

Johnson, who wrote and directed the 2019 hit film, could also be scoring $100 million from the deal, the outlet reported. The director, who also made Star Wars: The Last Jedi, shot Knives Out on a $40 million budget.

According to THR, the sequels were scooped by Netflix for a massive $469 million deal after Lionsgate released the original film.

Ana de Armas and Daniel Craig
Ana de Armas and Daniel Craig in Knives Out. Claire Folger/Lionsgate

The movie became a box office success and went on to earn a total of $311 million worldwide with its A-list cast including Chris Evans, Christopher Plummer, Jamie Lee Curtis, Toni Collette, Katherine Langford, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michael Shannon, Don Johnson, LaKeith Stanfield and Ana de Armas.

Johnson also earned an Oscar nomination for Best Original Screenplay in 2020 for the murder-mystery.

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Knives Out was born out of Johnson's love for Agatha Christie novels, and he set out to write his own whodunnit centering around the death of a crime novelist (Plummer), which sets off a fight for his estate among his children and grandchildren.

Among the dysfunctions of his family, Detective Blanc investigates the suspicious circumstances of his death with everyone in the family a suspect.

Claire Folger/Lionsgate/Everett

After receiving the Oscar nomination, Johnson told Deadline he "had such a good time making" the film that he was looking forward to a sequel.

"[I had] such a great time working with Daniel, and now just seeing that audiences are responding to it, the idea of continuing it on seems like it would just be a blast," Johnson said. "But there's a lot that has to happen before that can happen, first and foremost being writing a script. So, we'll see."

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