"I knew when I accepted the role that it would turn my life upside down, and it did. There's no getting away from it"
Credit: Columbia Pictures

Only time will tell with this one.

With the premiere of Spectre right around the corner, Daniel Craig says he still hasn’t decided whether or not this will be his fourth and final go as the iconic spy James Bond.

When asked if he has made a decision about carrying on as Bond, Craig simply told the BBC: “No – this is what’s going on at the moment. I’m enjoying this.”

Speculation has swirled that Spectre will be Craig’s last film as James Bond ever since the actor said he would rather slash his wrists than do another turn as the superspy – and that if he did in fact sign on again, “it would only be for the money.”

While Craig, 47, has yet to reach a decision, the actor has been upfront about how much he’s enjoyed his time as the world’s most famous spy, adding that serving as a producer on Spectre only made the experience more worthwhile.

“I knew when I accepted the role that it would turn my life upside down, and it did. There’s no getting away from it,” he said. “I’m still enjoying it much more than I ever did because I’ve been allowed to bring what I know to the role. I’ve been involved with every aspect of filmmaking.”

If and when Craig is finally ready to pass the Bond baton, he only has one criteria for the person who fills Bond’s shoes: He’d better be good.

“I don’t care,” he told BBC Radio about whoever plays Bond next. “It’s just as long as they’re good. That’s the only thing that matters.”

He said he wants someone who will appreciate the opportunity to play Bond as much as he did.

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“When it stops for me – I’ve been blessed to be able to do it for 10 years,” he explained. “It’s a real opportunity, it’s a huge thing.”

And while nothing is set in stone, Craig already knows what he’d do with the time off.

“I’d take a holiday!” he said.

Spectre hits theaters Nov. 6.