Dane Cook doesn't mind joking about the 26-year age gap between himself and girlfriend Kelsi Taylor

By Maria Pasquini
February 18, 2019 11:11 AM

Dane Cook sometimes wonders how it took him so long to find love with girlfriend Kelsi Taylor — until he remembers she hasn’t been alive for over half of his life.

During Thursday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, the 46-year-old comedian shared that while the couple have “been together for almost two years in bliss,” their age gap can be a bit difficult to navigate at times.

“It’s a little tricky though because my girlfriend and I get a lot of crap from people because we have an age difference. I’m 46, and she’s 20,” the comedian remarked.

“Oh wow, you do have an age difference,” Kimmel replied.

Addressing the crowd, who had an audible reaction to the couple’s 26-year age gap, Cook remarked, “Thank you for the snickers of approval. I’m sure that wasn’t judgement at all.”

Dane Cook and Kelsi Taylor
| Credit: Dane Cook/Instagram

“Here’s the thing,” Cook continued. “I love her, she is the kindest, sweetest, just my favorite — my best friend.”

“And sometimes I actually find myself saying, ‘Where has she been all my life?’ and then I realize she wasn’t alive for the first 26 years of it,” he joked. “People are like, ‘You’re robbing the cradle.’ I was like, ‘She hasn’t slept in the cradle for like nine years, relax.’ ”

Hours earlier, Cook also shared a romantic tribute to Taylor in honor of Valentine’s Day.

“Happy Valentines Day to my Valentine @itskelsitaylor,” he wrote alongside a selfie of the pair snuggling up together.

“I can’t say enough good stuff about this incredible woman. I’m a lucky sap to have her by my side. I like this pic because it captures how happy we are,” he continued. “We’ve already made amazing memories & I can’t wait to see what’s next — well besides us binge watching every season of Game of Thrones all over again before the new season.”

Cook previously addressed the pair’s age difference during an Instagram Story Q&A last August, when Taylor was still 19.

When asked by a fan to share some advice for how to navigate those kinds of relationships, Cook humorously replied, “The only thing you have to do is plan that your deaths will be somewhat far apart.”

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Cook went on to open up about when he and the young singer’s romance began.

“We met at a game night I host at my place,” Cook wrote on his story. “We were friends for a while & soon after fell in like with each and then upgraded to love.”

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He also shared that despite the difference between their ages, both Taylor and Cook’s families approve of their relationship.

“I love her family and we are pretty close and do dinner and hang,” Cook explained. “My family pretty much all died years ago but @courtneycook my sister like Kelsi a lot.”

Cook and Taylor have been dating for almost two years and last February, the lovebirds took a romantic trip to Maui, where they were seen showing off major PDA on the beach.