The Fanning sisters are as inseparable as ever

By Ale Russian
April 03, 2019 10:08 AM

Dakota Fanning stepped out to support a very important person — her younger sister Elle Fanning.

The actresses posed together at the premiere of Teen Spirit, which stars Elle as a shy teenager who sets out to win a local singing competition as a way out of her small town.

Dakota, 25, and Elle, 20, have always been supportive of each others’ careers, which grew out of a mutual love for acting since childhood.

“[We] would play these elaborate scenes around the house,” Elle told PorterEdit. “Like birthing scenes… I would be the baby coming out. Crazy stuff like that. We were doing it for ourselves; we weren’t, like, ‘Oh, Mom and Dad, sit down and we’re gonna perform for you.’ That was how we played.”


But even though she’s gained critical acclaim as an actress, Elle revealed in the interview that she had to choose between two careers when she was younger.

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“I wasn’t on anybody’s radar about getting this part [in Teen Spirit],” Elle said. “I’m always looking for movies where I’d be able to sing, because people don’t really know that I can. But I always loved singing growing up. It was either, be a pop star or an actress.”

Teen Spirit hits theaters April 12.