The Spy star told MTV she's up for the challenge

By K.c. Blumm
Updated May 28, 2015 12:10 AM
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Melissa McCarthy shows off some impressive action skills in her new movie Spy, and her costar Jason Statham thinks she could be a valuable addition to the next Fast & Furious installment.

Statham told MTV News that he’s looking forward to returning as the bad guy in Furious 8, and he was enthusiastic when the reporter suggested that McCarthy signs on to play his sister in the franchise.

“I’m sure everyone goes right to me,” McCarthy said of the out-of-the-box casting idea.

But Statham embraced the concept, saying that she could take Vin Diesel “out with a frying pan in about two minutes.”

Statham’s Furious 7 costar Dwayne Johnson agrees.

“She could kick Vin’s ass for sure,” he said during an interview for his new action movie San Andreas. “That goes without saying. Vin’s tough, though. I’ve fought him. But Melissa’s tough, too. I’ve never fought her but we have common friends so I know how tough she is.”

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Okay, so she could take down Diesel, but could she sink The Rock?

“Kick my ass? Well, that’s a whole other level of conversation we’ve got to have,” he said with a smile. “Whole other level. Settle down, Melissa. You settle down, woman.”