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December 10, 2015 06:20 PM

The newest Miss Golden Globe, Corinne Foxx, couldn’t have been more excited to be up at 5 a.m. on Thursday for the 2016 Golden Globe nominations – even though she’s in the middle of exams.

“I had a final last night, actually,” the University of Southern California senior admitted to PEOPLE, nevertheless looking refreshingly dewy in a Gauri and Nainika gown. “I have another one Monday. So balancing this and school and everything is a lot. But it’s fun!”

Foxx, the daughter of Golden Globe (and Oscar) winner Jamie Foxx, got a taste of Globes glamour as Angela Bassett, Dennis Quaid, Chloë Grace Moretz and America Ferrera read the names of the nominees for the Jan. 10 ceremony. Like celebrity daughters before her, including Greer Grammer, Dakota Johnson, Sosie Bacon and Rumer Willis, Foxx will escort winners at the awards show, filled with Hollywood’s biggest stars.

VIDEO: Golden Globe Awards 2016! The Nominees are…

But first, Foxx has to make it through exams, and her dad’s 48th birthday on Sunday. “He’s hard to shop for gifts because he has everything. So you always go sentimental with him. Try to get some waterworks going.” To that end, she already has a plan. “Yeah, we have some things up our sleeves for his birthday. So we’ll see what happens.”

After that, she can relax a little, and focus on the delights of being Miss Golden Globe. “My dad just says, ‘Have fun with it. Don’t get too tied into how formal it is and be all nervous. Just have a good time.’ ”

Sure, that’s easy for an A-lister to say. Not so for his daughter. “I’m like, ‘Okay, Dad. I don’t want to talk to Brad Pitt, I’m nervous.’ ”

If Corinne needs any more pointers, she can always lean on her Globes date – yep, that’s Dad too. “He’s taken me to so many things, I mean, I should return the honor.” After all, how would he get in without her? “I’ll have to give him a ticket.”

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