Andrew Eccles/ A&E
March 12, 2008 01:00 PM

Twenty-one years later Corey Feldman’s Lost Boys character is still fighting vampires.

“It’s Lost Boys on steroids,” the actor, 36, tells MTV News of the upcoming sequel, Lost Boys 2: The Tribe. “There’s more gore, there’s nudity, which there definitely wasn’t in the first film. And it’s modernized, everything from the wardrobe to the music to the types of bikes they’re riding.”

There will also be Corey Haim – as Sam Emerson, brother to Jason Patric’s character, Michael Emerson, in the original. As for Feldman’s headband-wearing Edgar Frog: “This guy hasn’t changed,” he says, except to become “tougher and braver and edgier.”

According to Feldman’s video interview, the movie will premiere around the same time as the second season of his and Haim’s A&E reality show The Two Coreys.

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