November 16, 2016 08:08 PM

High School Musical director Kenny Ortega couldn’t hold back the waterworks after seeing his old pupil, Corbin Bleu, tearing up the stage on Broadway.

Bleu, who’s currently starring in the Broadway musical Holiday Inn, stopped by the PEOPLE Now studios on Monday and spoke about how supportive his old High School Musical friends have been of his new gig.

“It’s been great, all of the HSM support,” he said. “[Ortega] came, as well as Zac [Efron] and Lucas [Grabeel] also came. But Kenny did come and he cried. He cried, and it really means a lot.”

And Ortega wasn’t the only High School Musical alum to get emotional during the performance. “When [the musical number] firecrackers ended [Efron] stood up,” said Bleu. “People usually throughout the show won’t have an ovation, but he stood up. It was just him!”

Bleu said he was touched when he looked out into the crowd and saw Efron. “I could see him and I was just like ‘awesome dude.’ ”

In the play, Bleu takes on the role originated by Fred Astaire in the 1942 movie. Mastering Astaire’s moves, even for the experienced dancer, was no easy feat.

“It’s all timed out onto the stage so as I’m dancing I have to move into certain spots,” Bleu explained. “And I take my hands in my pockets and I throw down and the [firecrackers] explode.”

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