Calling all horror fans! 
watching a scary movie
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With Halloween slated to look different this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s the perfect time to curl up on the couch with a scary movie in place of trick or treating and costume parties.

Now, thanks to a contest run by and, you can even get paid for your Halloween horror film binging. The lucky winner will receive $1,000 to watch any horror movies of their choosing for 24 hours straight.

"We want a self-starter because you get to decide what to watch," the contest description page reads. "Also, 24 hours is only 1,440 minutes, and most movies are only 90–120 minutes. That’s only 12–16 movies. So real-deal horror dorks, who fantasize daily about curating a horror film marathon, will need time to pare down their lineups."

Whether watching The Conjuring or Rosemary’s Baby, the chosen participant must live-tweet the movie marathon.

watching a scary movie
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“The world wants to see your passion for horror beating inside your chest,” the entry page says. “And what’s an all-night horror marathon without friends?”

In addition to $1,000, CableTV and HighSpeedInternet will send the winner a "Welcome Package," consisting of bags of candy and a $50 Starbucks gift card, aimed at keeping the marathoner awake for the full 24 hours.

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For those interested, there are a few base qualifications to apply — “The sick-cessful candidate is a self-starter with an insatiable lust for nightmare fuel. When others say ‘Nope,’ you say, ‘Hell, yeah.’ You can stay up all night. You’re a US citizen over the age of 18.”

After meeting the above qualifications, horror fans applying must also submit a 100-word entry explaining why they would be the perfect candidate for this “dream job.”