Coming 2 America hit Amazon Prime Video on March 4
Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall
Arsenio Hall and Eddie Murphy in Coming 2 America

Amazon Prime Video has quite the blockbuster with Eddie Murphy's Coming 2 America.

The sequel to the hit 1988 comedy arrived on the streamer over 30 years after the original made its debut in theaters, with Murphy and Arsenio Hall reviving their iconic roles.

The return paid off, as Nielsen reported Coming 2 America led its streaming rankings for the week of March 1-7 with 1.41 billion minutes of viewing time. It makes the sequel one of the most-watched titles since Nielsen started releasing streaming data six months ago, The Hollywood Reporter reported.

It also marks Amazon's first time leading the rankings.

Ahead of the movie's release, Murphy and Hall spoke candidly on Extra about the first film and why it took more than 30 years for it to get a follow-up feature.

"We never planned on making a sequel to the movie," Murphy, 59, explained. "We had done the movie and it was in the past. But the movie stayed around."

"Of all the movies that I've done over the last 40 years, Coming to America is the only one that ... has a cult following," Murphy continued. "... And then, maybe around six, five years ago, I got an idea. Then it took four years for it to come together."

Hall, 65, admitted that he and Murphy felt a lot of pressure from fans to make the film the best it could be. "Fans rolled up on you in the mall or on Twitter … 'Don't you f--- up our movie! Don't mess it up!' You have to go into it with all that in your head," he said.

Coming 2 America is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.