Colorado has legalized the sale of marijuana and we have the movies they should watch

By Melissa Locker
Updated January 02, 2014 11:00 AM

On New Year’s Day, Colorado became the first state in the union to legalize the sale and distribution of marijuana – no doctor’s note required. If you’re over the age of 21 you can drink alcohol and now, smoke pot, legally in the so-called Mile High City (Denver) and throughout the rest of the state.

While recreational weed sales in Colorado have only been going on for two days, Hollywood, as ever, is way ahead of the curve. The movie industry has been cranking out stoner comedies for decades. Now that pot is legal in Colorado, at-home audiences can finally enjoy the films the way they were intended to be viewed.

Here are seven stoner comedies for Colorado’s brave new world and long cold winter:

1. The Big Lebowski

The Coen Brothers set their eyes on the stoner comedy genre and ended up creating one of the most endearing and memorable movie characters of all time: The Dude, a bathrobe-wearing, White Russian-drinking, bowler played by Jeff Bridges. A case of mistaken identity sets off a series of events that just leaves The Dude wanting to get back to doing nothing much at all.

2. Wet Hot American Summer

Head to summer camp in this new comedy classic from the minds behind MTV’s ’90s sketch comedy show The State. The laugh-out-loud film skewers ’80s teen comedies and stars a “who’s who” cast: Paul Rudd, Bradley Cooper, David Hyde Pierce, Chris Meloni, Molly Shannon, Janeane Garofalo and a talking can of vegetables – all determined to make the most of their last day at Camp Firewood. The “going to town” scene is a stoner laugh riot.

3. Super Troopers

The Broken Lizard comedy troupe brings us this hilarious comedy about highway patrolmen in rural Vermont. The troopers spend the entire movie chasing down cartoon monkey drug dealers, getting into brawls and messing with stoners’ heads just for kicks, until budget cuts put them in the uncomfortable position of having to actually enforce the law.

4. Fast Times At Ridgemont High

Jeff Spicoli puts the “high” in “high school” in this raunchy coming-of-age teen comedy by director Amy Heckerling. The film is full of memorable characters, including a bikini-clad Phoebe Cates, a pirate-hat-wearing Judge Reinhold, and perennially baked surfer dude Spicoli, played by Sean Penn, perpetually ruining his teacher’s day. Sorry, Mr. Hand!

5. Cheech and Chong’s Up In Smoke

On the run and very, very high: Cheech and Chong’s first film chronicles the misadventures of a couple of tokers who get deported, but are determined to get back to the U.S. of A. so they can make their band’s gig later that night. The real adventure starts when the duo unwittingly agree to drive a car constructed entirely out of marijuana across the border.

6. Dazed & Confused

Director Richard Linklater takes a look at the last day of high school in the heart of Texas in 1976. Think: hazing, hot chicks, beer-drinking, and lots and lots of weed-smoking on the last day of school. This movie may get older, but high school chicks always stay the same age.

7. Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle

When Harold (John Cho) and Kumar (Kal Penn) get high and head out for a sack of sliders, they have no idea their errand will end up as an epic adventure that includes Neil Patrick Harris, a raccoon attack, a memorable game of Battleshi* and a stint in a New Jersey jail. They didn’t learn their lesson, though, as there have been two more films in the series so far.

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