Colin Hanks jokes he's confident that his film will have more sellouts than his father's

By Jodi Guglielmi
Updated October 16, 2015 05:30 PM
Credit: Amanda Edwards/WireImage

Look out Tom Hanks, your son is hot on your heels.

Colin Hanks was the spitting image of his father on Thursday night at the premiere for his documentary film All Things Must Pass premiere. He walked the red carpet with his stepmother Rita Wilson.

Colin, 37, looked crisp and casual wearing a denim jacket and dark jeans. Wilson, 58, beamed as she posed for pictures with her stepson, wearing a black dress with lace trim.

Noticeably absent from the red carpet? Tom – who was busy promoting his own film Bridge of Spies on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. But his father’s absence didn’t shake the young director, whose film premieres the very same day his father’s film Bridge of Spies hits theaters.

In fact, Colin is confident his film will beat Tom’s at the box office.

“I’m wishing that young whipper snapper luck,” he told PEOPLE at the premiere “But I have a feeling we’ll beat him in per screen averages. We’re not playing in as many screens but I have a feeling we’ll have more sellouts.”

Bold words for a man going against a two-time Oscar-winning actor. Even Tom couldn’t help but laugh about the coincidence of their release dates.

“I’m in competition with my son!” Tom, 59, jokingly told PEOPLE earlier this month.

But competition aside, Colin knew he could go to his father for advice when needed – even if he wasn’t much help.

“He just said ‘What’s your idea?’ Then he said ‘Sounds good,’ ” Colin joked. “I came to him for notes down the road and he brought me some helpful pointers.”

Of course when it came time for the release dates, Tom couldn’t help but brag about the success of his son. When he saw both his and Colin’s movies posted in the top two spots on a movie theater marquee on Saturday, he immediately took to Twitter to document the proud moment.

“Got time for two movies? Top two choices and you’re done. Hanx,” he wrote.

Both All Things Must Pass and Bridge of Spies in theaters now.

Reporting by MATT WEISS