Colin Farrell Checks into Rehab for a 'Tune-Up': 'He Isn't Drinking Again,' Says Source

"He isn't drinking again," a source tells PEOPLE.

Colin Farrell. Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty

Colin Farrell has checked himself into rehab as a preventative measure.

“He isn’t drinking again,” a source tells PEOPLE. “He worked back-to-back projects and just needed a break. He’s been sober 12 years and wanted to do this to make sure he stays that way. He’s taking some me-time and doing a tune-up and a reset. This was all his idea.” The Daily Mail was first to report he had entered rehab.

The actor and father of two — Henry, 9, with Alicja Bachleda-Curuś, and James, 14, with Kim Bordenave — recently finished production on two new films: the Disney live-action remake of Dumbo and Widows, which also stars Liam Neeson and Elizabeth Debicki.

In 2005, Farrell entered an undisclosed treatment facility for exhaustion and dependency on prescription medication related to a back injury, his publicist told PEOPLE at the time.

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The actor, 41, opened up abut his sobriety in an interview with the U.K.’s Jonathan Ross in 2008, during which he admitted that he had trouble remembering the last 10 years of his life due to drug and alcohol abuse.

After noting that he longer drinks, Farrell told Ross, “For me, [there was] no choice to be honest with you. I was pretty sick.” Asked if getting sober was difficult, he replied, “At the beginning, yeah. [It was] really hard, a nightmare, man.”

Speaking about his time in rehab, Farrell said, “I went somewhere for 5 or 6 weeks and that was a very safe environment, and I began to come out of the haze that I was in and that I had buried myself into so deeply.”

After leaving the “safe environment” rehab offered, he said, “Everything was just in a degree of focus that I hadn’t experienced … basically I’d been drunk or high since I was 14.”

He added, “I was very drunk or high for about 16 years, it was a tough life change. But I was dying, and I’m one of the lucky ones.”

Speaking about addiction, Farrell said, “I don’t believe I have any chemical predisposition towards depression, but let’s just call it … I was suffering from a spiritual malady for years and I indulged it. You can feel very alive when you’re in pain.”

After putting that lifestyle behind him, he added, “I’m glad I’m out of that cycle of my life. I’m very lucky.”

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