"I just feel like we had chemistry from the instant we walked on the set," Christopher Lloyd said of working with Fox on the three films

Credit: Universal/Everett

Back to the Future Day is officially here!

That’s right, it’s finally Oct. 21, 2015 – the date Marty McFly and Doc Brown set their time machine to in Back to the Future Part II. And while the film accurately predicted some things in the future (personal drones and hoverboards, to name a few) there was one thing even Marty McFly and Doc Brown couldn’t have seen coming: just how memorable the trilogy would be 30 years later.

“[It’s] kind of monumental,” Christopher Lloyd said while appearing on the Today Show alongside costars Michael J. Fox and Lea Thompson.

“I mean, here we are 30 years later and it doesn’t seem to have lost any momentum,” he said, thinking back to the first film that premiered in 1985. “I mean, it’s amazing.”

Fox couldn’t agree more. Reflecting on his successful career, Fox says he is most proud of his time working on Back to the Future and the seven years he spent on the sitcom Family Ties.

Family Ties and Back to the Future were two amazing things that happened in my life,” he said. “Marty McFly and Alex Keaton – the chance to play both those characters was a privilege that I can’t be grateful enough for.”

And while the idea of time travel was certainly enough to captivate viewers, Lloyd believes his on-screen chemistry with Fox has given the series its timeless appeal.

In fact, he recalled that when he first met Fox on set, the connection was immediate.

“I just feel like we had chemistry from the instant we walked on the set,” he explained. “It never had to be manufactured. Nobody had to say. you know, work for this kind of chemistry. It was there.”