Plus, the bride-to-be has her dress already picked out
Credit: Amanda Schwab/Startraks

For Christina Ricci, it takes just one word to make her smile.

“Getting to say ‘fiancé’ instead of ‘boyfriend,’ ” is the engaged actress’s favorite thing about her relationship status, she tells PEOPLE at Sunday’s Citi-sponsored Smurfs 2 premiere in N.Y.C. “People take you so much more seriously once you start throwing around that word.”

Next up: She’s looking forward to using even stronger vocabulary once she and camera technician James Heerdegen wed.

“I can’t wait for ‘husband’ because then I can really throw my weight around,” says Ricci, 33, who voices Vexy, the animated troublemaker in the Smurfs sequel. “‘My husband’s going to come down here and talk to you!’ That’s a huge threat.”

As for wedding planning, a destination event is out, but she picked out her dress, which was “designed by a friend of mine,” she says.