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August 05, 2015 12:45 PM

Chris Pratt: actor, father, dinosaur wrangler and … painter?

The 36-year-old’s talents apparently extend to art, as it was recently rediscovered that Pratt used to paint murals in his home state of Washington.

During his teen years at Lake Stevens High School in Lake Stevens, Washington, he created murals in the school’s weight room and at local restaurants, he told Teen PEOPLE in 2003.

In the interview, which came during Pratt’s time on the teen drama Everwood, the actor said he experimented with a “bunch of mediums” before settling on paint.

“I do it when I need to get my emotions out,” he said in the interview. “It’s like therapy.”

At least one of the megastar’s murals is still in existence. A Greek restaurant in Pratt’s hometown, Omega Pizza and Pasta, still boasts a scene created by the actor, as spotted by an Imgur user and confirmed by the star himself.

The painting features a Grecian man and woman. The man lounges on a couch in front of pillars, while the woman stands nearby in a red garment holding a torch.

After Vulture wrote of Pratt’s unknown artistry, the actor Tweeted about the mural.

“Haha! Yes! Find my mural at Omega Pizza and Pasta in Granite Falls, WA. Barb will take good care of you,” he wrote, Tuesday.

The Jurassic World actor’s work didn’t just include historic scenes, however.

“I’ve even painted girls I know and secretly long for,” Pratt revealed in the 2003 interview. “I’ll paint them or draw pictures of them and they won’t know anything about it.”

Wonder if Anna Faris has gotten the secret painting treatment?

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