Chris Pratt explained on Instagram that it took nearly 12 years for him to restore the car
Credit: Source: Chris Pratt/Instagram; Inset: Casey Curry/Invision/AP

Chris Pratt can now add “car mechanic” to his already impressive résumé.

The Jurassic World star revealed his finished, restored 1965 Volkswagen Beetle on Instagram Thursday.

In a lengthy photo caption, Pratt, 36, explained that it took nearly 12 years for him to restore the car that started as a “$2500 scrapper that I won playing blackjack.”

“I love my 1965 VW Beetle. Building this car has been a real labor of love,” he wrote. “And a lot of trial and error. Started with a $2500 scrapper that I won playing blackjack. Cut to 12 years and many more dollars later and it’s complete! (For now) They just don’t make them like they used to.”

The car, which Pratt said he learned to repair through manuals and instructional YouTube videos, features a shiny yellow exterior with silver rims.

“Nobody is gonna walk into a car museum in 40 years and say, ‘Whoa! Look! A 2003 Jetta! Fully restored.’ Classic cars (this one is technically an antique) continue to get better with age,” he wrote.

And of course, he can’t wait to hit the road in his new ride.

“And it’s a dream come true to roll this one through the Hollywood hills.”