Chris Pratt Learns His Daunting Fate in New 'Passengers' Clip: 'I'm the Only One Awake'

In the clip, Pratt walks into the ship's observatory after waking up from his hibernation chamber

Chris Pratt is all alone.

The actor stars as a traveler onboard a spaceship transporting humans to a new life on another planet in Passengers — and PEOPLE has an exclusive clip from the upcoming film, which costars Jennifer Lawrence.

In the clip, Pratt is shown walking into the ship’s observatory center after waking up from his hibernation chamber.

“We’re supposed to land soon,” he says as he asks the voice command to pinpoint the spaceship’s location. “I’m the only one awake.”

That’s when he learns the shocking truth: It takes 120 years to get to the planet — but Pratt woke up after just 30.

“I woke up too soon,” he says in horrifying disbelief.


In the sci-fi film, Pratt and Lawrence play the only two people from the group of passengers to wake up early. As they come to terms with living the rest of their lives on board, they begin to fall for one another.

Passengers hits theaters Dec. 21.

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