You're going to wish he invited you along to Beijing. And London. And everywhere.

By Jacqueline Andriakos
Updated May 28, 2015 03:05 PM
Credit: Courtesy Chris Pratt

Just give Chris Pratt a major motion picture, a busy press schedule and a passport, and fans everywhere will be wildly entertained.

The 35-year-old actor and funnyman has been providing an Instagram play-by-play in recent days of his overseas shenanigans while promoting the highly anticipated Jurassic World, which hits theaters June 12.

Pratt has shown off moments posing with a touristy tee in Beijing, kneeling with Chinese statues and goofing around London. Oh, and he also paused to play the piano during a visit to BBC (and he’s really good).

“Just bein’ natural In Hyde Park London. Super candid shot. Not posing at all,” he wrote next to a stealth photo in the famous park.

“Me and some dudes I met in China. Really nice, patient guys. Good listeners,” he joked beside a photo of him squatting in a circle of statues in China. “I blabbed and blabbed about the upcoming Jurassic World movie and they didn’t interrupt me once.”

Pratt has topped each snapshot with the hashtag #JurassicWorldGlobalPressTour and his signature humor, and the photos have already hooked his million followers.

“This is the reason that I love him. I’m crying of laughter,” one commenter wrote.

Another gushed, “I can’t handle this. I just love this man.”

Although he apologized in advance on Facebook just in case he makes any offensive jokes during the around-the-world junket, he seems to be in the clear so far.

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Check out more of Pratt’s “press-capades” below: