Chris Pratt Gets Jumped by Dinosaurs in Hilarious Prank from 'Spider Dog' Guys

The Jurassic World actor, normally so brave around dinos, gets a good scare here


Chris Pratt bravely stands up to some pretty fearsome dinosaurs in Jurassic World. But surprise him with a couple of dinosaur models – and, well, you can scare the pants off him.

The former Parks and Recreation actor, 35, is seen walking calmly through a building with some studio execs in the video below. But suddenly, he is set upon by a couple of scaly beasts – and is left trying to catch his breath, even sinking to the ground briefly.

He also blurts out a few obscenities, which aren’t bleeped out, so be warned about the NSFW language.

The stunt goes off pretty well, which shouldn’t be a surprise, given who was behind it – the same guys who did last year’s megaviral mutant spider dog video.

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