December 12, 2016 04:17 PM


Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence both aced target practice. The mark? Each other.

The stars continued their Passengers press-tour antics during a recent visit to BBC 1 in the U.K., playing the radio station’s “Playground Insults” game.

The rules? Keep the nastiness contained to the room and make each other laugh. The game ran until someone totally cracked up or delivered the so-called “killer insult.”

During the opening moments, Lawrence delivered a series of swift takedowns.

“I really loved you in Everwood, said no one ever,” the 26-year-old joked of Pratt’s turn as Bright Abbott. She said next, “You are so stupid that your 3-year-old son has probably taught you everything you know.”

Pratt, 37, didn’t come unprepared, though.


“It’s such a shame, to meet somebody you thought you’d like,” Pratt joked. Then, he noted, “I recently told you that you act like Adele sings. I hate Adele.”

While Lawrence held her own, Pratt was ultimately victorious with a slightly-NFSW joke about their upcoming science-fiction drama: “During our sex scene, I felt your d— rubbing into me.”

Passengers hits theaters on Dec. 21, 2016.

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