Chris Pratt also revealed that he didn't know Jennifer Lawrence prior to filming, but that the two quickly bonded

By Jodi Guglielmi
April 21, 2016 09:30 AM
Eric Charbonneau/Invision for Sony Pictures/AP

brightcove.createExperiences(); Turns out, both Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence needed a little liquid courage before filming their first sex scene together.

When it came time to film an intimate scene in the upcoming film Passengers, Lawrence knew she needed to do something to help shake the nerves, and when she suggested cracking open a bottle of wine, Pratt was more than happy to comply.

“Aside from doing a great job and telling a story, your primary goal is to make the other person comfortable,” Pratt, 36, told MTV. “She wanted to have some wine and so we did. That was nice.”

Lawrence, 25, previously admitted she got “really, really drunk,” before filming the big scene.

The actor also revealed that he didn’t know Lawrence prior to filming Passengers – but it didn’t take long for the two to start bonding on set.

“We became fast friends and we bonded over a mutual love for Dumb and Dumber,” he said. “Just like jokes, and life, and all of it.”

The sci-fi film follows two people, placed in a deep sleep, on a routine journey through space to their new home, but who are accidentally awakened too early. As they come to terms with living the rest of their life on a spaceship, they realize they are starting to fall for one another.

The film hits theaters Dec. 21.