WATCH: Chris Pratt and Anna Faris Hilariously Fail at Flying a Kite

Anna Faris struggles to get the kite off the ground as Chris Pratt cheered on her efforts

Photo: Source: Chris Pratt/Instagram

Seems like comedic talent doesn’t necessarily translate to aerial skills!

Chris Pratt and wife Anna Faris learned that the hard way when they attempted to fly a kite in less than ideal wind conditions – and of course, Pratt couldn’t let the moment pass without documenting it all on social media.

In a video shared on Instagram, the actor can be heard cheering his wife on as the she holds the kite in the air.

“Come on, wind! It’s almost up, it’s almost up!” Pratt, 37, says in the clip as the kite barely stirs in the slight breeze.

But Pratt wasn’t about to let the kite-related tragedy get Faris down. He once again took to social media to praise his wife’s many talents, even calling her a “kite master” despite her fail.

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“My wife is all things… Lover. Actor. Mother. Kite master,” the Guardians of the Galaxy star captioned a photo of Faris, 39, looking jokingly frustrated.

Clearly, the kite could’ve used some tips from Pratt’s Parks and Recreation character on learning to fly – a rousing rendition of “5,000 Candles in the Wind” from Andy Dwyer would have gone a long way!

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