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April 24, 2015 08:05 PM

Whether he’s shining shoes at Pawnee City Hall, saving the galaxy from annihilation, or running from genetically engineered dinosaurs – everybody loves them some Chris Pratt.

The Jurassic World star took some time to answer fans’ questions – ranging how he learned he’d won his part in the Steven Spielberg film, to how to build the perfect rat trap – in a Reddit AMA on Friday.

Here are five things we learned from the hilarious actor’s open forum online Q&A:

1. He Might Be Psychic
While filming a behind-the-scenes video for Parks and Recreation in 2010, Pratt joked about receiving a text from Steven Spielberg asking him to star in Jurassic Park 4. Despite coming years before Jurassic World began filming, fans were skeptical that the joke could really have been a coincidence.

Pratt came clean about the premonition today, saying, “I never believed I would work with Steven Spielberg on a Jurassic Park sequel. It was a joke at the time both literally and figuratively. It’s been a dream to get to play these roles and work on the projects that I have.”


2. He Really Hates Mice
Ever wonder if a celebrity used to live in your house? Well, a Reddit user named Rubberboy told Pratt he’d heard rumors that the actor had rented his house while filming the 2002 movie Everwood in Salt Lake City. Rubberboy sent Pratt a picture of the house, and promised to hang a portrait of him in whichever room he used to sleep in. Here’s Pratt’s response:

“Yes I did! Cool man. I had the upstairs. The back bedroom was my beat laboratory and the other room was my bedroom. You’ll notice the baseboards in the kitchen might be all f—ed up cause I made a mouse trap out of bungee cords and screws and nails and stuff, with a little trip wire, no joke, there was a lot of thought that went into this.”

While he never caught the elusive rodent, he did “whack” it pretty good once. He also admitted to “definitely [doing] a lot of damage to the baseboards.”

Pratt added, “I love that place. And I hate mice.”

3. He Relates More to Star-Lord than Andy Dwyer
Is Pratt more like the underachieving, meat-tornado burrito eating, Andy Dwyer from Parks and Recreation? Or does he have more in common with the cocky, gun-slinging space cowboy, Star-Lord (a.k.a. Peter Quill) from Guardians of the Galaxy?

“Quill and I are basically the same person,” Pratt answered. “We were born in the same year. We loved the same movies. The same music.

“If I were kidnapped at 10, taken to space and based my ideology on the pop culture of 1979-1989 I would be Peter Quill.”

4. He’s Got a Lot of Favorite Movies – but Country Song Isn’t One of Them
It’s a question everybody – especially actors – gets asked at some point, but that doesn’t make it any easier for a true movie buff to say what their favorite film is. Either way, Pratt sounds like he has an awesome DVD collection.

“That is such a hard question,” Pratt said, adding, “Probably something I saw as a kid simply for the sentimentality of it all,” for instance, “The Goonies or Bloodsport or something like that.”

Another classic, “Rambo: First Blood or the last Rambo where he outruns that dog, that s–t was f—ing crazy.”

More recently, Pratt said he’s enjoyed “City of God because that movie “is awesome,” Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, and Across the Universe “because I love the Beatles so much.”

Pratt also joked about a certain country movie starring Gwyneth Paltrow and Tim McGraw. “Country Strong [is a favorite], because just kidding, but that movie is actually really good but not my favorite of all time.”

He also admits to loving The NeverEnding Story but is too afraid to watch it again: “I’m sure it doesn’t hold up but I’ll never know cause I’ll never watch it again cause I hate when movies that I loved as a kid don’t hold up, for instance Tango and Cash just terrible.”

5. His Favorite Game of Thrones Character Is…
Sorry Sansa, your little sister has you beat. Pratt says he’s a “huge Game of Thrones fan” and his favorite Westerosian is Arya Stark.

What Makes Chris Pratt So Funny?

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