Chris Pine Goes Viral as the 'Superior Chris in Hollywood' for Wearing a Mask While Out in L.A.

Chris Pine trended on Twitter after photos of him wearing a mask and carrying a stack of books went viral

chris pine
Chris Pine buying books in Los Angeles took the Internet by storm . Photo:

Chris Pine has been declared the best Chris in Hollywood by the Internet.

The actor, 39, went viral after photos of him carrying a bag of books from an independent Los Angeles bookstore circulated online on Monday.

Pine was seen wearing a jean jacket, navy shorts, sunglasses on his head and a white mask as he walked out of the store. Fans of the Star Trek actor immediately shared the images on Twitter, declaring him "the best Chris" in a lineup that includes his Hollywood counterparts: Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pratt and Chris Evans.

"I don’t know who needs to see it but here are some pictures of Chris Pine walking out of an indie bookstore with a GIANT bag of books while also wearing a mask," a fan of the actor's tweeted on Monday.

A second fan retweeted the post, adding, "Very hard for men to argue that masks make them look stupid when chris pine is giving off this energy in a mask."

Another fan tweeted, "Nahhh y’all don’t understand how badly my inner 13 year old fangirl is flipping her s— rn. chris pine aged line fine wine & it’s very offensive how this man has the audacity to walk around the streets SINGLE LIKE HOW."

"Chris Pine proving men who read and wear a mask are smokin’ hot! Let’s see some other #HotMenWearMasks," a user tweeted.

Another fan tweeted, "I’m glad to know that the rest of the public is finally beginning to see things my way: Chris Pine has been and will forever be the superior Chris in Hollywood."

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Yet another Twitter user even declared Pine the best, tweeting, "Chris pine really pulled ahead and became the best chris, it happened so slowly I didn't even notice it was happening."

Publishing houses also took a stance, with Random House tweeting, "Officially announcing our favorite Chris," with Powell's Books writing, "Drop your TBR list, Chris."

In April 2019, Hemsworth, 36, addressed being "demoted" as PEOPLE Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive in 2014 to just "Sexiest Chris."

"I feel like you need someone to compliment you. It has to hurt, you were the Sexiest Man Alive and now in the magazine you're just a sexy Chris. With Chris Pratt, a bunch of Chris's," Ellen DeGeneres told him while on her show.

Hemsworth jokingly said, "I was demoted."

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