Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson Get Silly in a First Look on the Set of 'Men in Black'

Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson are gearing up for their Men in Black spinoff with hilarious antics on the set of their film

Photo: Tessa Thompson/Instagram

Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson are showing off their costar camaraderie in the first hilarious look of their new film Men in Black.

Thompson, 34, shared a black and white photo of the two on Thursday in which they made faces at the camera while wearing the iconic uniform that Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones wore in the first three films.

“☯️ #MIB@chrishemsworth,” the actress wrote in the caption. Hemsworth shared a similar photo, writing, “#MIB #PIB #HIB #MWIB#legendsinblack #revengers4life@tessamaethompson.”

Thompson shared videos of her time on set, including a clip of herself dancing to Marvin Gaye’s “Got to Give It Up” with the caption, “In between on MIB.” In another photo, she gave fans a closeup look of a black and white dog, similar to Frank the Pug from the original franchise.

“Mood,” Thompson wrote.

Tessa Thompson/Instagram
Tessa Thompson/Instagram
Tessa Thompson/Instagram

The pair has previously worked together as another heroic duo in Thor: Ragnarok in which Thompson played Valkyrie. Thompson followed up her Instagram posts with a video of Hemsworth near a private jet ready to take him to Atlanta, Georgia, from London to finish up work on the fourth Avengers film.

“Couldn’t get a taxi so we just called this in,” he joked as he turned toward the plane.

The Australian actor, 35, shared a video of himself fooling around on set, spinning around as he smiled widely at the camera. He jokingly wrote, “I do all my own stunts.”

Tessa Thompson/Instagram

While Hemsworth and Thompson seem to be having a fun time on the set of their film, the actor’s other costar, Dakota Johnson, recently opened up about losing focus near the actor on the set of their forthcoming film Bad Times at El Royale.

Oh my God. It’s such a distraction,” she told Vogue Australia for their October cover. “I was like, guys, you’ve made a huge mistake getting him to do this because everyone is going to forget everything that happened [in the film] until this point.”

“Chris is going to come onto the screen, and his body is outrageous, it’s unbelievable, like a crazy, crazy thing to look at, and his shirt’s completely unbuttoned,” she added.

While it’s unclear if the father of three is going shirtless for Men in Black, some of their friends have expressed excitement about their Men in Black collaboration — specifically Black Panther‘s Michael B. Jordan and Big Little Lies actress Zoë Kravitz, both of whom commented on Thompson’s photo with the actor.

Jordan, who played Killmonger in Marvel film, wrote a series of fire emojis, while Kravitz complimented Thompson, writing, “I think you’re very cool and I’d like to be your friend. K bye.”

Tessa Thompson instagram comments

Plot details for the Men in Black spinoff are unknown, but Hemsworth and Thompson do have character names listed on IMDb with the Thor actor playing Agent H while the actress is portraying Agent M.

The film also features Rebecca Ferguson, Emma Thompson, Liam Neeson, Kumail Nanjiani and Rafe Spall.

Men in Black is scheduled for release in June 2019.

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