Chris Hemsworth Says 'Thor: Love and Thunder' Semi-Nude Scene Was '10 Years in the Making'

Thor: Love and Thunder is set to premiere in theaters on July 8

Chris Hemsworth was almost too excited to bare it all on the big screen!

In an interview with Variety at the red carpet premiere of Thor: Love and Thunder on Thursday night, the Marvel actor, 38, jokingly said seeing the scene showing his butt as the God of Thunder in the film was "a dream" of his.

"Well, I had [my butt] out in Rush many years ago, but in a Marvel film, it was a very large screen, it was a very big pair of cheeks. I don't know, I've seen it before. Whatever," Chris explained of his initial reaction to seeing himself in the nude.

Thor: Love and Thunder Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth in Thor: Love and Thunder (2022). Marvel Studios

When asked if he "did a lot of squats" in preparation for the action-intense movie and the added moment of nudity, Hemsworth revealed he "did a lot of everything."

"It was 10 years in the making, that scene — a dream of mine. The first time I played Thor I took my shirt off and I thought, 'You know what's gonna sweeten this…' A decade from now, it's all going to come off," he said.

Hemsworth revealed last week that he was "a little disappointed" in his previous performance playing the superhero in its sequel film, telling Vanity Fair that he "didn't think I grew the character in any way, I didn't think I showed an audience something unexpected and different."

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The thought inspired the Australian actor and director, Taika Waititi, to take the films in a new direction.

​​"When Ragnarok came along, out of my own sort of frustration of what I had done — and this is not on any other director or anyone, this is my own performance — I really wanted to break the mold," Hemsworth said of the franchise's third installment at the time.

"I said this to Taika [Waititi] and I think the conversation we had was, I said 'I'm really bored of Thor.' And he said, 'Yeah I'm really bored of Thor, too,' And then we decided not to be bored and any time that feeling came into play, we'd go in a different direction," he continued.

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"We just dismantled the character, we wanted to have him be a little more unpredictable, we wanted him to be a different set of circumstances than he had been in before and also have the humor come through," Hemsworth added.

Thor: Love and Thunder is set to hit theaters on July 8.

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