The Marvel star has launched a brand new series of positive affirmations on his app, Centr
chris hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth
| Credit: chris hemsworth/instagram

Chris Hemsworth is finding new ways of grounding himself.

The Thor actor launched his own series of affirmations on his health and fitness app, Centr, which he celebrated with a few hilarious and goofy videos on Instagram — including one cute cameo by one of his twin sons.

In one video, which is part of a series titled The Affirmations That Positively Absolutely Probably (Most Likely) WILL NOT Make Your 2020 Worse, Hemsworth, 37, attempts to meditate while sitting underwater, saying, “There are no distractions here, no one demanding your attention."

Unfortunately for the actor, one of his sons began to swim in multiple circles around him.

“Simply push your worries away,” Hemsworth says in the voiceover as he pushes his son away in the water. “That’s it. Those little distractions just give them a gentle, old shove,” he continues, giving his son another push away as the boy continues swimming.

As Hemsworth continues to sit underwater, he attempts to center himself again, saying, “It’s just you and me,” before his son circles back toward him, prompting the actor to say, “God, this kid. Ok maybe let’s try this another time.”

Hemsworth has released five videos featuring him sitting in a field of flowers, holding his breath underwater, sitting at the beach with waves crashing over him — all while attempting to meditate amid life’s distractions.

Centr members will also have access to five additional bonus affirmations exclusively on the app touching on themes such as manifesting a good mail day, and the struggle to "move on and out of your PJs."

The app also has over 200 unique meditations that take on more of a traditional approach, as well as sleep visualizations.

“My wife said that people find things like this helpful in times like these — along with a mug of hot cocoa and a cuddle,” Hemsworth said of his wife, actress Elsa Pataky, in the series intro.

“I hope they help. Not promising though,” he joked, before adding, “One request though, from all of us, please don’t hoard the TP again. What are you doing with all that anyway? No seriously, I really want to know.”

Hemsworth and Pataky are parents to 6-year-old twin boys Tristan and Sasha as well as 8-year-old daughter India Rose.